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The HEM (Health Equity Matters) Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocacy organization serving individuals impacted by sickle cell disease. 


The HEM Foundation, Inc.'s mission is to empower people affected by sickle cell disease to maximize quality of life and bridge health and racial disparities.   Its purpose is to raise awareness and community interest to improve the care, treatment, and attitude of persons living with sickle cell disease.


The initial programs the HEM Foundation, Inc. will focus on advancing education and career development through scholarships and financial assistance for higher education and training programs.

We plan to offer educational opportunities addressing mental health to equip individuals with tools to manage their mental well-being since mental health can negatively impact physical health.


Sickle cell disease is the greatest health and racial disparity seen in modern medicine and is worsened by the systemic racism that has shaped the United States.

Health disparities arise from various factors like poverty, limited access to healthcare, and individual health behaviors.  These disparities are also influenced by inequities in education.

Research has shown that lower levels of education are linked to worse health outcomes, which is why the HEM Foundation, Inc. has a strong focus on education as a key strategy to promote health equity.  By implementing programs centered around education, we aim to address the root causes of health disparities and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

Health disparities are also the result of our living and working environments, upbringing, and support system. Understanding the interplay of mental health and physical health, we strive to dedicate resources toward addressing mental health awareness & education.

Together we can make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by sickle cell and work towards a more equitable future.

Maya Bloomberg is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner earning both her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Nursing degrees from University of Miami.  She has worked as a Classical Hematology Nurse Practitioner since 2014, specializing in sickle cell disease and congenital bleeding disorders, which shed light on the significant health and racial disparities that exist in modern medicine. 

Recognizing the need for a reliable source of information and support for individuals affected by sickle cell disease, she created the popular social media page @theHemeNP, which serves as a trustworthy hub for sickle cell and chronic illness support. In addition to her clinical work and social media presence, Maya serves as a board member of the SCDAA Miami-Dade chapter and is a co-host of the “Let’s Talk About Sickle Cell” podcast.

Driven by her passion to make a meaningful difference and bridge the existing disparities, she sought to expand her impact. This led to the establishment of the HEM Foundation, Inc., which strives to create positive change and improve the lives of those affected by SCD.

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